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Welcome to EmmaW.Net, your best source for all things Emma Watson. You may know Emma from her role in the Harry Potter films, her modelling work for Burberry, or her collaboration with People Tree. Please enjoy your stay!
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E.M.S. Archive (2007)

December 23, 2007-Happy Christmas!

Hey Everyone!
I have just finished my first week back on set at Warner Brothers, and I was so excited to be in the studios again! I have started filming the sixth Harry Potter film and it's going really well.
There are a few new faces around set, such as Jesse, who plays the character Lavender, who is really cool, although our characters really don't get along in the film! We have actually just finished filming a scene with Lavender and Ron kissing, where Hermione gets really jealous which was quite fun! Only a few more days to go now until Christmas, so I'm looking forward to seeing all the family and having some quiet time! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I will update you with all the news in the New Year!
Lots of love Emma x

November 13, 2007-ballet shoes voice recording

Hey Everyone!
I just though I'd let you know that I am doing some voice recording for Ballet Shoes tomorrow, which will be the first time I have seen it on screen. It will only be in bits and it won't have been edited fully yet, but I'm so excited, I can't wait to see what it might look like. I have been thinking about it for weeks now!

Hope you're all well,
Wish me luck
Emma xxx

October 15, 2007-awards

Hey everyone
I am still high about winning best actress at the N.M.A award. The award has pride of place on my chest of drawers in my bedroom (they are a very nice chest of drawers! :) ).
I loved going to the Pride of Britain Awards even though I did get a bit teary! It was a bit of a mad panic getting ready as I came straight from school and had to get ready partly there and then had half an hour at home. Very crazy but well worth it.
Working incredibly hard back at school but really enjoying it!
Much love from
Emma xx

September 18, 2007-ballet shoes finished

Hey everyone,

Sorry it's been awhile. I have been so busy shooting ballet shoes. I have been so happy!! I could not have hoped for a nicer cast and crew to work with. I just finished on Saturday. We were working six day weeks so everyone got really close. For this reason it was quite emotional saying goodbye. I am really nervous to see the results but mostly very very excited.

Hope you all are well,

Love from Emma

P.S. Jo said that some of you are upset that when you have written to me at Leavesden studios you have not been replied to. Warner Brothers were dealing with all Dan's, Rupert's, and my fan mail which came there, so I actually have not had anything to do with that end of things because I have been away. But just so you know I was really hoping to communication through my news and what I am up to through my website. This is what e.m.s is! It's much quicker and I can let you know more, more often. So I hope that is ok. xx

August 18, 2007-ballet shoes

Hey everyone!
I really thought I was going to take this summer off and then...I fell in love with Ballet Shoes. I couldn't let such an amazing project go. I think the books are really really special.
I loved Pauline from the start, she makes mistakes and comes across badly at times but I really felt as though I understood her. I share a lot of Pauline's passions and insecurities.
The cast is really amazing and I cannot wait to work with everyone. I really feel like I need to do this, I am scared but excited.
Hope you are well
Love Emma x
(P.S) I have started some ballet training which I love, and yes my hair is going blonde. :)

August 1, 2007-to everyone at emma watson official

To everyone at Emma Watson Official,

The past month has been absolutely manic for me but a very exciting one. I am so proud of the film and all its success. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us at any of the premieres, particularly those who attended the London premiere-the weather was horrible to say the least. I was amazed at the show of support through practically torrential rain storms, thunder, and lightning!! The sheer number of you who turned out in LA both days was incredible!!! Wow.

If you are reading this- I also want to thank all of you who came to see me in Paris for the signing. I wish we could have got through more of you, who had patiently lined and queued to see us. I was given some very sweet and thoughtful gifts-thank you for these too.

In essence I want to thank everyone in Paris, Los Angeles and New York for making me feel really, really welcome and for everyone's kindness. And for everyone who has now been able to see the film, I sincerely hope it fulfilled all your expectations.

Hope you are all happy and well,

Love from


PS I have just finished "The Deathly Hallows"-some thoughts are below-SPOILER WARNING!!!

I just finished The Deathly Hallows-which I couldn't put down...the trio survived!!! And Hermione and Ron got married and had babies!! woop woop!! I feel quite bad being so happy about that because there were so many other details...Dobby's death was horrific and actually brought me to tears...Well lots of things did, acutally!! Oh dear. Anyway all in all, what an amazing book and end to the series.

July 8, 2007-what is e.m.s?

e.m.s stands for 'E'mma's 'M'essaging 'S'ervice. This is where Emma writes her own blog about recent events and all of her latest happenings! You can write your own comments and thoughts about what Emma writes, but you must register with us to be able to do this.

July 8, 2007-launch message

Hey Guys ,I'm really excited to be launching an official website. I hope it is fun, information, and different. It's taken awhile to put together but I am really happy with the results. I have appointed Jo as webmistress for the site because she has supported me since the beginning of my career (age 9) and seems to have gotten the hang of me quite well! Look out for messages from the 'emma messaging service' (e.m.s) from me. I really hope you like it.
Much love
Emma xx
P.S Many thanks to Dad, Jeremy, Jo and all the team of lightmaker. It rocks xxx