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Welcome to EmmaW.Net, your best source for all things Emma Watson. You may know Emma from her role in the Harry Potter films, her modelling work for Burberry, or her collaboration with People Tree. Please enjoy your stay!
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Emma answers common questions in the new site's FAQ!

April 15, 2010 @ 1:26pm · 0 comments
Why did you choose Brown University over a British one?
"I was seriously torn as to whether to stay in the UK or go to the States as let’s face it the UK has some of the best universities in the world. But, ultimately, I loved the course at Brown and really liked the idea of experiencing a different country and culture – and I must say I’ve never been happier, I absolutely love Brown."

Is it true you once dated Johnny Borrell from Razorlight?
"Oh my God, that is so not true! I only met him once and we shared a taxi from an event to the after party, but never let truth get in the way of a good story and all that."

Is it true you've never drunk tea or coffee?
"Yes, never have. I don’t like the taste and I don’t really like what caffeine does to your body… now hot chocolate that’s another matter. Lol"

What's happening with Napoleon and Betsy?
"It's a project I love and am attached to, but I don’t know if or when it will happen. I hope it does. I’m afraid that’s the nature of filmmaking. You learn to not become too emotionally involved as scripts come and go and many of them never get off the ground."

What is your relationship with Chanel?
"Another media myth I’m afraid. I love Chanel and have a fantastic relationship with Karl Lagerfeld, but there has never been any discussion as to me becoming the face of Chanel."
Have you ever dated either of your co-stars Dan Radcliffe or Rupert Grint?
"Nooo! It would be like dating your brother!"

Is it true you nearly didn't sign on for the last Harry Potter film?
"This has been so misrepresented in the press! Basically, I’ve always been very upfront in stating that my education is of equal importance as my acting career. I had to think very carefully before committing to the last film as I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it justice while at the same time balancing life at university. However, Warner Bros have been really brilliant and we managed to work out a schedule which enables me to do both. It was never a case of not wanting to do the film(s), just making sure that if I committed to doing them, it wouldn’t be at the cost of either Harry Potter or my education."

Will you be sad to see the end of Hermione?
"I think we will all be devastated as it’s been ten years of our lives, and in fact half of mine. I love playing Hermione and have made such good friends at Leavesden over the years, so of course it’s going to feel very weird it finally ending. But, you have to look back on the good times and be thankful for being given such an incredible opportunity and then put your best foot forward. I am so excited about the future and can’t wait to get out there."

Do you think you will continue to act?
"I hope so. For the moment I’m really enjoying university life and feel that I still have so much to experience and so much to discover. I don’t have any definite plans for the future at the moment and that’s all part of growing up. But, I still love acting and hope to continue whether it be on stage or in film."

Why did you get involved with People Tree?
"I think a lot of young people like me are very concerned about the environment and care about the wellbeing of those working in extreme poverty. People Tree is all about giving people choice. The more I can help promote Fair Trade and Organic clothing manufacture, the greater chance we have as a generation of changing lives and of saving our planet. From little acorns..." [Source]
Posted by Jade in Emma News
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