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New interview of Emma in OK Magazine

July 23, 2010 @ 9:49am · 0 comments
Translation by EmmaW.Net. Please credit if using. Original scans (in Spanish) can be seen here.
“I have so much money I don’t know what to do with it.”


The star of the Harry Potter films says she’s not sure she wants to be an actress for her whole life, and tells us what she does with her millions.

An ex-child star that makes an enormous fortune and that lives through the ups and downs that only international fame can offer, she could have become a Lindsay Lohan. But there is no way that the actress from the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson, will turn into another Hollywood cliché.

This girl of 20 years, who since the age of 11 has been under the limelight thanks to her bossy and know-it-all character Hermione Granger, has her feet firmly on the ground. “Maybe too much so,” she confesses.

Perhaps she won’t have to worry about her finances for the rest of her life, as she has millions of dollars, but Emma strives to be a normal teenager like the rest of her friends.

“It may sound strange, but I just want to be with my friends, and they don’t have these amounts of money to spend. I want to do what they do, so if they go to the movies, so do I. I try to live a normal life, even though it’s not always easy. The fact that I attend university and have a close family has kept me grounded,” she admits, but adds that she feels overwhelmed by her financial success.

“I have so much money that I don’t know what to do with it. I bought a laptop and a Toyota Prius, but that’s probably the most expensive thing that I’ve purchased.” So great is her burden that she has registered in a four-day course to learn how to manage her finances.
Emma isn’t completely sure if she wants to be an actress for her whole life. As a result, she hesitated before agreeing to take part in the last films of the Harry Potter series: the Half-Blood Prince and the Deathly Hallows. “Honestly, I’m surprised by what my life has become. There are moments when I just don’t understand how all of this has happened to me. I have never been sure that this is what I wanted to do, especially when I compared myself to Dan (Radcliffe) and Rupert (Grint). Maybe it was because I was nine when they gave me the role, without ever having been to an acting school. I didn’t know that I wanted to be an actress, they just discovered me out of nowhere. And that it happened to me doesn’t mean that it was right for me. It took me a while to realize that this is what I want to do...for now.”

And it’s understandable. In her family there are only lawyers and academics. “We never watched films at home and I had no idea who Maggie Smith or Gary Oldman were. I’m still learning: I watch a lot of movies and I’ve become passionate about film. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be an actress forever.”

Currently, Emma studies English at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Following in the footsteps of actresses like Jodie Foster and Natalie Portman, she recognizes the importance of continuing her education.

“I would be absolutely crazy if I hadn’t returned to school, because I think it keeps me in contact with reality. And you can’t be a good actress if you’re crazy!” she says, laughing.

When you achieve success, you lose anonymity. And in spite of the fact that she has lived half of her life as a role model, Emma is still not used to it. “I still take the metro. The people look at me and say to each other: ‘Is that the girl from Harry Potter? No, it can’t be, because she’s using public transport.”

The star takes advantage of our meeting to clear up some rumours about her public image. “I’m not the new face of Chanel perfumes. When I hear these rumours I get sad because I would love it to be true, trust me.”

Another thing that she wishes to clear up is her reputation as a serial monogamist, which Emma insists is complete nonsense. “The only way to deal with that is to not pay any attention to it.”

For this young actress, fame and fortune can be an obstacle when it comes to finding a boyfriend. “People tend to think I have a long line of boys waiting to go out with me, but it’s not true because they feel a little intimidated. That’s a situation that stresses me out quite a bit.”
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